the Three-Dimensional Reading Method

The Three-Dimensional Reading is an accelerated learning method that allows you not only to increase your reading speed, but also to remember much more information than the conventional reading method. With this method, you will shorten your reading and study time by up to ⅕ of your starting point while retaining more than 80% of the information. The Three-Dimensional Reading method ‘stimulates’ the intuitive mind, which neuroscience has shown to be extremely fast and efficient in acquiring information. The Three Dimensional Reading method activates the functions of the intuitive mind through relaxation techniques, mental dynamics, photographic reading and NLP. This will allow you to acquire information five times faster: you will benefit from remembering information, and most importantly, you will develop the ability to connect topics and draw practical insights from theoretical reading. For example, the Three-Dimensional Reading allows you to study theoretical mathematics and then easily solve exercises. Depending on your needs, you can use the method at 360 degrees. Once you have learnt any knowledge, it remains in your memory, so that you can bring it back whenever you need it, even in the long term.
The Three-Dimensional reading is a complete method that you can apply to prepare for university exams and your professional life. EVRYDO Masterclass is a true path of awareness that will allow you to understand how your mind works and your potential. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to apply the method effectively to prepare for university exams of all kinds, both practical and theoretical, and in all fields: medicine, mathematics, law, psychology, etc… In addition, Three-Dimensional Reading is also suitable for learning foreign languages with a specific program that you will learn directly during the course.

No prerequisites or specific skills are required to participate in the course.

If you struggle with studying, lack good memory or do not have an effective study method, don’t worry. The Three-Dimensional Reading Method has nothing in common with your old study method.

During the training course, the teachers will teach you all the techniques (NLP, relaxation, mental dynamics…) necessary to learn the method perfectly. Furthermore, if you have any questions, tutors will always be at your disposal and support you during the journey to master the method so that you can apply it successfully wherever you wish.

Yes, we have found that mild dyslexic people (those who read more slowly but still UNDERSTAND the text), obtain excellent results by speeding up reading times compared to the starting point.

We recommend scheduling a call with our staff members to assess your specific case.

In order to learn the Three-Dimensional Reading method, you need to attend the three days of training and carry out the exercises to master the method during the four weeks following the course.

During the first week, you will practice a lot. In fact, in addition to learning the phases of the method, you will be studying all the study material to prepare for 3 university exams at your choosing, to understand exactly how the technique works. In the following 4 weeks, you will be reading 2 books per week, for 3/4 hours weekly. During this period of time, you will have a certified tutor who will answer all your questions and help you prepare for university exams, competitive exams or support you in acquiring the method.

You can use the method on any study material. You can use it on EVERY type of written text, whether paper or digital: fiction, humanities, technical-scientific subjects, foreign languages and sheet music. You can also use it on videos, podcasts and when attending university lectures.

Over the course you will learn how the method can be applied to different types of material.

the techniques of EVRYDO Masterclass

In addition to the Three-Dimensional Reading technique, you will learn study organisation techniques, memory techniques and mental and emotional preparation techniques.

The EVRYDO Masterclass study organisation techniques result from a combination of studies on the functioning of the human brain, its timing and business management techniques.

You will learn about the physiological attention spans of the human mind and the best techniques for organising your study and work so that you can achieve any goal you set while keeping to your schedule and studying in peace.

The techniques of mental and emotional preparation are all those techniques that will allow you to face each exam with clarity and the right attitude.

They are all based on neurolinguistic programming and mental dynamics techniques and are used to calm anxiety and improve academic performance.

information on the experience

EVRYDO Masterclass is aimed at university students of all ages and faculties. It is also suitable for those 18 years-old students who are still studying in high school, just contact our Call Center and choose the study subjects.

During the 7 days, you will have to bring 3 fiction books of 150-250 pages each, you have never read before. You also need to bring 1 magazine of your interest and the study material related to the 3 exams of your choosing. We recommend you select simple books to apply the technique the first time. Then, as you practice the method, you will be able to read more difficult texts.

Bring with you everything you need for residential accommodation. To help you out, we have created a list of useful item that we will send you upon registration.

Finally, during this experience, we will provide you with a handout including all the phases of the method. However, you can bring a notebook to write down some notes of personal interest since this is not just a training course but a real awareness path.

No, EVRYDO Masterclass cannot be held online, as the on-site course is the most effective format to acquire all the techniques.

Over the course, it is essential to be followed and supported directly by the teachers. In fact, this path is almost exclusively practical as we will do many exercises and the teachers must check that you carry out each step correctly, so we need you to attend the course in person. Therefore, the teachers do not provide individual courses.

You will be asked to report any of your food or health needs as soon as possible.

Our cooking staff is prepared to create a menu suitable for any type of need, as long as it is not serious, such as severe celiac disease.

Regarding health needs, we ask you to be completely autonomous in managing your specific case. We cannot intervene except with first aid in case of an emergency.

For any need, we ask you to contact the Call Center.

After the residential course, the tutor will support you in all stages of acquiring the method and help you prepare study materials, universitu exams and competitive exams quickly and effectively.

The tutoring includes a phone call in which the tutor will focus on your need to plan the most suitable program for you. You will be able to schedule your individual sessions on Zoom or Skype. Tutoring during the planned weeks is at no extra cost..

We recommend that you always contact the tutor one week before your exam.

the program

At the EVRYDO Masterclass residential path, you wake up around 7.45 a.m. to learn energization and meditation exercises and understand how to wake up and concentrate.

After breakfast, you will be studying from approximately 10.00 a.m. to 12.45 a.m. and from 2.15 p.m. to 7.00. p.m. In the evening, after dinner, you will have the chance to join some games or self-development activities to reflect.

During the first days you acquire the techniques, while you will begin preparing for exams from the third day. For each exam, we will do organization, study and review sessions. The whole program is detailed in the agreement between the parties.

Each room accommodates 2/3 people and includes a private bathroom. If you have special requests, we ask you to notify our Call Center. You cannot leave before the end of the experience or arrive late, nor sleep in a different hotel from the one provided.

EVRYDO Masterclass starts on Monday at 10.30 a.m.. You will need to reach the place autonomously.

You cannot stay overnight in the structure the evening before the arrival since we will be making the last arrangements for starting the experience the day after.

Price and payments

EVRYDO Masterclass has a value of £2500 + VAT. It includes the 7-day on-site training, food and accommodation, all paper and digital materials in which the techniques and personalized tutoring sessions are explained.

There are special promotions available to enrol in the EVRYDO Masterclass week. To learn more about them, please contact the call centre on +39 375 7349894

The money-back-guarantee policy covers the 3 exams you will prepare for the EVRYDO Masterclass. For each exam you fail, we will refund you £400 + VAT.

To access this service, however, you must strictly follow all the instructions we will give you: tell us the dates of your exams before coming to EVRYDO Masterclass (they cannot be scheduled within 2 weeks from the end of the residential course), bring all the study material, actively participate in all the proposed activities, do not smoke or consume drugs and ask for the help of the tutor at any time.

We recommend that you carefully read the agreement document between the parties to get a clear idea of ​​what you will be required to do

You will need to register and pay the course fee to reserve your place. Immediately after the payment, you will be asked to sign the agreement between the parties for proper registration.

You can purchase the course by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card.

The payment methods are: bank transfer, PayPal, credit card.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will need to select this payment method when ordering. After a few minutes you will receive an email along with the bank details to make the transfer.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE. Don’t worry if you don’t receive the email soon after completing the order. You will just have to wait a few minutes.

When you have made the transfer, please send us the receipt of the payment, otherwise we will not be able to confirm your place.

Yes, you can enter your company’s billing information during the order process and receive a regular invoice.

If you can’t participate in the course, you can choose between participating in the next course or requesting a refund. In case you ask for the refund, the full amount will be refunded, except for £50 administrative costs.

If you cannot participate for any reason, we ask you to notify us as early as possible.