the course for university students that will teach you how to prepare 3 exams in 1 week in no time.

the next EVRYDO Masterclass will take place from 2 to 8 May 2022.

most university students always have the same need: to learn a lot of information quickly and for the long term.

> the reading method that we all learn as children is great for learning the letters of the alphabet, but it’s limited when it comes to speeding up the study of long and complex texts.

> reading over and over again, underlining and making diagrams, does not allow us, even if we make an effort, to be faster. We often don’t even remember what we have read except for the essential sections!

> the result is that we are slow and inaccurate and have to sacrifice other parts of our lives for studying.

these are just some of the needs for which thousands of students seek and find a solution in EVRYDO Masterclass.

what is EVRYDO Masterclass?

EVRYDO Masterclass is the awareness journey exclusively reserved for university students, in which the accelerated learning method of Three-dimensional Reading, concentration techniques and communication techniques are taught..

How is EVRYDO Masterclass organised?


1 week residential training
It’s a residential training experience where you will learn
the Three-Dimensional Reading method.

how the method works:


you implement
the Three-Dimensional Reading method
at home along with your tutor.

Giacomo Gregori,
EVRYDO Masterclass tutor:

Tutor Giacomo Gregori - EVRYDO Masterclass


supera i tuoi esami
con il massimo dei voti
con la politica “soddisfatti o rimborsati”.

ascolta il racconto
di Martina:

il programma

durante la settimana di formazione residenziale, gli studenti universitari potranno portare 3 esami da preparare in soli 7 giorni.

scopriranno che, indipendentemente dal tipo di materia, possono arrivare a studiare libri di 300 pagine in meno di 1 ora e ricordarsi più dell’80% delle informazioni attraverso la tecnica di Lettura Tridimensionale.

saranno insegnati inoltre numerosi metodi di memorizzazione rapida, sistemi di semplificazione delle informazioni, metodi per gli appunti, mappe concettuali, ma non solo; pratiche per lo sviluppo della concentrazione, del rilassamento, metodi di comunicazione, metodi per lo scioglimento delle emozioni negative e tanto altro.

una volta tornati a casa, gli studenti si incontreranno con un tutor individuale per costruire un piano di studi personalizzato, durante il quale l’assistenza del tutor sarà sempre costante e disponibile.

dopo almeno due settimane di studio a casa, gli studenti potranno tranquillamente sostenere gli esami preparati, tutti accompagnati dalla garanzia “soddisfatti o rimborsati”, attraverso una precisa modalità: se gli studenti non supereranno un esame saranno rimborsati per 1/3 della spesa, se non supereranno due esami saranno rimborsati per 2/3, se non supereranno tre esami avranno il rimborso dell’intera somma versata (ad esclusione delle spese di vitto e alloggio).

what is the foundation of the Three-Dimensional Reading method?

The Three-Dimensional Reading method was invented by Dr. Filippo Rossi more than 20 years ago. So far, it has been tested by thousands of students and professionals in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and the United Kingdom.

the method harmoniously combines the best techniques of photographic reading, relaxation, neuro-linguistic programming and mental dynamics.

the Three-Dimensional Reading teaches you to use your intuitive mind, which neuroscience has shown to be extremely fast and efficient in acquiring information.

This allows you to retain information 5-6 times faster than any other traditional method. As a result, you do not only benefit from remembering information, but you will also be able to connect the topics and gain practical insights from theoretical reading.

Here are the results

Here are the results achieved every week by the students who participated in the EVRYDO Masterclass (all these testimonies are certified):

Elisabetta‘s results 10 days after the course!

Serena prepares for an exam in no more than 3 days

Maria Grazia saves hours of work studying books and papers

EVRYDO Masterclass will take place from 28th February to 6th March 2022 .

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participant’s testimonies

all the testimonies on this page are certified.

Martina took all her exams by the first exam session and learned 5 foreign languages:

From being a student with 16 exams left to being a teacher. Learn more about Anna’s story!

Angela prepared for her baccalaureate exam in 2 days and got 96 out of 100!

Giuseppe Santoro, Rector of the University of Formia

Marina doesn’t want to go back to the old method!

Diana applies the method to languages in an extraordinary way!

Two days after the course, the students tell of their incredible experiences:

Marta applied the method to scientific subjects and still remembers everything years later!

Ilenia applies the method in an extraordinary way.                      

a really well organised and useful course, I go home with great personal growth and the confirmation that everything is possible … thanks to all.

Daniela S.

I have seen real improvements in reading, both in terms of speed and comprehension.

Franco P.

a course that allows you to transform yourself. It makes you better. You open up to the world, to others. You overcome all your limits. Try it and you’ll see. Thank you all!

Gian Paola M.

i came here with the idea that I would leave this place knowing how to read a book in an hour after three days, but I actually ended up understanding that I knew nothing about myself and my real potential. So you start as a loser with false expectations and you leave as an apprentice superhero.

Federico F.

the course is very useful and well-structured, the time for the exercises is adequate. The staff follows you in a professional and attentive way. I also appreciate the follow-up they implement after the course. Excellent online content.

Giulia M.

fantastic, I came “only” to learn how to read faster and a new world opened up to me. A help to try day by day to be the best version of myself. Thank you all.

Elena M.

a must-do. It helps us leave aside our fear and the limiting beliefs with which we’ve been raised, acquiring great freedom.

Barbara O.

inspiring and comprehensive, it was a fun weekend and the guys were really helpful. Great positive environment. The teachers explained the technique well and clearly.

Giulia M.

stimulating and comprehensive, it was a fun weekend, and the guys were really helpful. Excellent positive environment. The technique was explained well and clearly.

Cristina S.

this technique is proof that you never stop learning. The teacher is extraordinary, as he is competent and qualified. Great example of team building and organisation.

Giuseppe S.

an enlightening course of great interest, engaging and inspiring even for the sceptical ones. Special thanks to the staff and Filippo Rossi. Merci beaucoup!

Sandra L.

the possibility of going beyond what I thought possible. This course is like opening a door hidden behind some weeds. Thank you for everything!

Antonella S.

The possibility of going beyond what I thought possible. This course is like opening a door hidden behind some weeds. Thank you for everything.

The course surprises even the most sceptical participant: listen to this testimony! 

This girl’s enthusiasm at the end of the course.

the course is very inspiring in many ways! I appreciated the breaks (collective games) which made everything very pleasant. I appreciated Filippo and Anna’s explanation and the staff’s friendliness and kindness. Thank you for your time!

Sandra M.

simply revolutionary! Not only does it help you learn faster, but it opens up a world of new possibilities. I’m thrilled to have attended this course but almost sorry to conclude it as I’m sure I won’t be able to find the warmth, patience, attention and kindness I found here anywhere else. Thank you again..

Julien B.

very interesting and instructive, well organised with friendly but very qualified staff. I will put into practice everything you have taught me. I learned new things that I didn’t think existed. Thank you!

Maria Luisa M.

this course not only teaches you a new reading technique, but also prepares you to use areas of the human brain that you didn’t even know existed. This leads you to deal with life circumstances in a different, more creative, intuitive and efficient way.

Attila B.

fantastic, it opens up a new world. The immediate result I perceived was an enormous increase in memorising what I read.

Manilo C.

an irreplaceable, extraordinary experience of inner enrichment. I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

Alberto C.

a must-do. It helps us leave aside our fear and the limiting beliefs that we have grown up with, acquiring great freedom.

Barbara O.

inspiring and comprehensive, it was a fun weekend and the guys are really helpful. Great positive environment. The technique was well explained with clarity.

Cristina S.

Filippo and the guys shared their knowledge in a clear and encouraging way; it was easy to get involved in the exercises and activities proposed. The course is exciting and innovative.

Rosanna M.

it’s much more than just a new reading method. Thank you for all the lessons, which have enriched me greatly, they were unforgettable. Thank you for wanting to make the world a better place.

Margot S.

I personally think it was very useful; I feel confident to use what I learned to pass my exams at university.

Simone M.

I think it is very tangible and practical, rich in teaching. Thank you very much!

Sofia B.

The testimony of this student who overcame his difficulties thanks to the course.

A life-changing experience for these kids!

The testimony of this student who, thanks to the technique, rediscovers herself.       

the method works because it’s based on how we function, I will take time for my subconscious and intuitions to emerge.

Rita P.

fantastic, exciting and special, a new way of knowing oneself and study.

Andrea G.

a rich course, much more than a simple reading technique, the applications can be different. This is the most interesting aspect and provides us with studies to reflect on our psychology and manage our emotions.

Alessandro F.

it was very interesting and intense. I go home satisfied and confident in the three-dimensional reading and also in myself. I think life will be much easier from now on!

Martina M.

very enlightening, I discovered new things I had never heard before, I didn’t know our brain could work like that! I really enjoyed the testimonies.

Eric C.

I’m confident and hope to start improving the presented techniques right away.

Filippo M.

I have great confidence in what I’ve learned. I want the three-dimensional reading to become a new way of conceiving and living life for me too. It has been a new adventure, I’m thrilled!

Massimo C.

excellent course of great motivation, I’m sure it will be useful for my future. I hope this is only the beginning of a path of growth and above all I hope I can share it as much as possible with my family, friends and collaborators.

Andrea G.

I found this three-dimensional reading method absolutely revolutionary and at the same time written into the DNA of each of us. I believe it is useful not only to speed up reading but also to raise our awareness, get in touch with the depth and spirituality of our soul, activate our resources, and boost our confidence and self-esteem. The course persuaded me ever since I saw the advertisement on Facebook, and in doing so I found so much confirmation.

Giuseppina V.

I would better define this course as a life course; it opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know existed, it gave me confidence, hope, a lot of positivity and many smiles. It made my desire to learn the three-dimensional reading method even greater. I realised that I have to relearn to let myself be surprised and relaxed. Enrolling in this course was perhaps the smartest thing I have ever done. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what I will achieve in my life. Thank you for everything.

Alessia B.

I am touched! This course aims to remind those who have fallen asleep, to remind them and awaken their divine being. For the first time I found someone outside my circle who shares such a high and noble goal. Thank you for the precious gift you gave me.

Matteo A.

it was an opportunity to connect with myself in a unique way finally. I finally had the chance to access my intuitive side. Thank you for everything.

Maria Ida R.

The method is also useful in life and opens up other possibilities!

the testimony of this girl who regains self-confidence thanks to the course

The chance to step up your game and try it for yourself!       

very interesting, it made me discover new potentials.

Luca D.

it was exciting, I will use this method in all aspects of my life, thank you.

Sara C.

Thank you truly for this new method and the fabulous world you let me into and for giving me the key with so much love and joy. It has been amazing!

Zhulieta G.

it’s much more than I expected, not only did I manage to read 70 pages of a book in a very short time, but I understood that I have to learn to listen to myself because inside me I have all the answers I’m looking for.

Cinzia R.

It is very interesting, it has opened up channels in my mind, and I am convinced that I can activate them in the best possible way thanks to the method. Very exhaustive and involving overall, congratulations!

Alessandra D.

the method is fantastic, effective, essential. An important tool to strengthen the relationship with your intuitive mind. It is important even to get simple results that lead you to improve the quality of your life, gaining self-confidence and becoming passionate about what one is learning.

Serena S.

This experience helped me comprehend new things for my personal growth. It offered me inspiring ideas on the possible opening of new intuitive and deep channels to continue to experiment to master them over time with the feeling of joy and wonder.

Elia C.

I loved it. It left me with a great desire to start reading with this method. I understood that I had to listen to my deep mind and intuition. Thank you very much.

Daniele B.

It’s a great tool to deepen, I’m sure it will be useful for my life. Thank you!

Francesca Z.

I was able to appreciate the practical side of the course and I saw the immense potential of the method. Thank you.

Diego B.

Beautiful, it opens up a world of possibilities for the mind.

Laura Z.

wonderful, a breath of optimism and possibilities to believe in.

Marcella P.

exceptional because it opened up a world to me that I already knew. I knew that the mind had enormous potential and you are helping me utilise it.

Stefano R.

I’m glad I took part, I’d never heard of it. It really helps you to learn faster, you definitely have a clear idea of what you need to do.

Alessandra Z.

It was a beautiful course, learning to break the chains of the mind and free it to see its potential. Exciting, beautiful environment of people like me who have decided to change their way of thinking and want to get out of the box. I will recommend it to everyone.

Sonia M.

really engaging and enlightening, I can’t wait to reach the level of those students who have fully mastered the method.

Luca M.

a course that exceeded initial expectations, the method can really change your life if applied appropriately and in any area

Alfredo P.

very interesting course, useful and opens your mind to 360 °, not only for reading but also for everyday life. You don’t just teach a technique but you make us understand that we are complete and we don’t lack anything, we just need to realize it and become aware of it.

Nicoletta B.

interesting, a different way to question myself and reconnect with my deepest part, a way to enjoy studying again.

Sara F.

I am very satisfied and pleased to have seized this opportunity. It was extremely innovative, it gave me an incredible sense of joy, serenity, and excitement for the infinite possibilities that I already feel at hand.

Elena R.

Very useful tool usable in many different ways.

Francesca B.

an interesting course, in which for the first time in your life you understand how to really step up your game.

Diana T.

this course is very interesting, for the teaching provided and the work you can do.

Giuseppe C.

I was pleasantly surprised by this course, it was possible to obtain valuable and very useful tools.

Giuseppe C.